iNewsCaster 2.1

Audioize news feeds


  • Export to iTunes
  • Creat playlists


  • Limited audio editing
  • Voice can sound metallic


iNewsCaster looks like a mix between an RSS reader and an MP3 player. This clever combination allows you to follow listen toyour feeds on your export them to your iPod. We didn't really like the option to add feeds, because it gives you a whole list of preselected feeds instead of making it easy to add your own. You can still very easily create your own playlist, into which you can drag and drop feeds.

iNewsCaster can export feeds to iTunes, from where you'll be able to export them to your iPod. What about the sound quality, you'll ask? While sounding a bit metallic at times, the playback features works pretty well and are very easy to use. It's unfortunate that the audio editing tools are fairly limited though, and you can get tired of hearing the same voice reading off your feeds.

An original tool, although I personally prefer sticking to a simple RSS aggregator and reading my favorite feeds.

iNewsCaster acts as an information aggregator, collecting information on News, Web sites, weblogs, podcasting and any syndicated feed, and delivering the content straight to the desktop. However, as with all Magnetictime products, this content is 'audioized', spoken through our natural voice technology, so the user can keep up with their own work, whilst keeping up with their feeds.

Imagine it as a personal newscaster built into the desktop, and more importantly, in the pocket too through iPod, PDA, mp3 Players or Mobile Phones.

Stay informed

simply and easily, with feeds from multiple websites

Save time

iNewsCaster will aggregate all your subscribed feeds

Ensure Privacy

no need to sign up for email newsletters


Listen to the headlines in mp3 on any portable device



iNewsCaster 2.1

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